d_marine_gib⛧ ABOUT ⛧d64_marine_gib

DooM has been stirring my gaming interests since it's very early days, when I was still a baby. On and off, during the years, I kept coming back, never truly abandoning my trusted position in the trenches of hell.

Deep space, futuristic cities, military bases, fantastic and morbid landscapes...UAC Space Marines surely have seen a lot coming and going during these years of DooMing! And the magic never faded out in all this time. On the contrary, it was fueled by the passion and dedication of the fans, across the generations.


So, when coming back to online DooMing after some years because of all this Corona craze that's rampaging our world like no WAD author has yet imagined, I thought to myself. Why not give something back? Give a little space for good WADs to be enjoyed by many. And here we are.

If you want to drop a line, with WAD suggestions or simply the desire to chat a bit, feel free to contact me on Zandronum, you can find me as Yamanaka. Your words will be welcomed!

Written in: November 2020